The GranSasso National Laboratories in Italy and Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, are proud to announce the Gran Sasso-Princeton School of Physics 2006. This program stems from the scientific collaboration between the physics department at Princeton and the Laboratorio Nazionale del GranSasso, where Princeton scientists conduct research on neutrinos and dark matter.

The school will take place at Princeton University between July 20 and August 17, 2006. The participant Italian students are enrolled in the fourth and fifth year of high school and are selected on a competitive basis. The activities in Princeton include: a course on modern physics (with particular emphasis on the research that the Princeton physicists are involved with at Gran Sasso Laboratory), laboratory activities, and English courses. Physics classes are taught in Italian.

This year program will have 43 participants. Most of the students come from the Abruzzo region, where the GranSasso National Lab is located in a tunnel under the GranSasso mountain. A few students also come for the adjacent Molise region, where Pettoranello, Princeton sister city in Italy, is located. These students are sponsored by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and by the Abruzzo region. Finally, three more students come as winner of various national competition : Premio Pitagora Scuola sponsored by the city of Crotone, Premio Fubini sponsored by the University of Torino and Premio Giovanni Nappi, open to students from the Campania region.

Other sponsors of this program are: Dorothea’s House of Princeton, the Princeton-Pettoranello Foundation, Augusta Westland, Micron Foundation, Carispaq dell' Aquila, Walter Tosto Serbatoi S.p.A. and others.

Please see the Pamphlet for complete details.