Current Year
  Summer School 2006


The GranSasso National Laboratories in Italy and Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, are proud to announce the Gran Sasso-Princeton School of Physics 2007. This program stems from the scientific collaboration between the physics department at Princeton and the Laboratorio Nazionale del GranSasso, where Princeton scientists conduct research on neutrinos and dark matter.

The school will take place at Princeton University between July 25 and August 15, 2007. The program is open to students enrolled in the fourth and fifth year of high schools located in Abruzzo. A minimun number of 20 students will be selected on a competitive basis giving preference to fourth year students. The participants in the program will be offered air transportation to and back from Princeton and full accommodation and board in the Princeton campus. The activities in Princeton will include: physics courses in the field of physics and astrophysics that the Gran Sasso Laboratories are involved with, laboratory activities and English courses. Physics classes will be offered in Italian.

Please see the Pamphlet for complete details.