New Papers

We publish here links to new papers by members of the group.

A. Ijjas, P.J. Steinhardt
Bouncing Cosmology made simple | arXiv:1803.01961

Abstract. We introduce the "wedge diagram," an intuitive way to illustrate how cosmological models with a classical (non-singular) bounce generically resolve fundamental problems in cosmology. These include the well-known horizon, flatness, and inhomogeneity problems; the small tensor-to-scalar ratio observed in the cosmic microwave background; the low entropy at the beginning of a hot, expanding phase; and the avoidance of quantum runaway. The same diagrammatic approach can be used to compare with other cosmological scenarios.


A. Ijjas
Space-time slicing in Horndeski theories and its implications for non-singular bouncing solutions | arXiv:1710.05990

Abstract. In this paper, we show how the proper choice of gauge is critical in analyzing the stability of non-singular cosmological bounce solutions based on Horndeski theories. We show that it is possible to construct non-singular cosmological bounce solutions with classically stable behavior for all modes with wavelengths above the Planck scale where: (a) the solution involves a stage of null-energy condition violation during which gravity is described by a modification of Einstein's general relativity; and (b) the solution reduces to Einstein gravity both before and after the null-energy condition violating stage. Similar considerations apply to galilean genesis scenarios.