Simons-PCTS Workshop
Gravity in the Early Universe

This workshop will focus on modifications of Einstein gravity at high (but sub-Planckian) energy densities that would influence the dynamics and evolutionary history of the early universe. Of particular interest are a variety of recent proposals for avoiding the cosmological singularity by stably violating the null-energy condition while remaining in the regime of validity of classical field theories. Understanding these approaches requires the development of new ideas, new analytical tools, and new numerical techniques including novel adaptations of numerical general relativity to cosmology. The goal is to bring together leading experts in cosmology and general relativity to explore these ideas.

This workshop is supported in part by the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science.

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We will have only five speakers and each will be given two 1.5 hour slots, so that there is time for a more pedagogical presentation and lots of time for questions and interaction during and after. The confirmed speakers are: