Winner 2008 Association of American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence in Mathematics.


Apocalypse du Jour--the forgotten black holes.


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I am a cosmologist whose interests lie primarily in the study of the early universe, black holes, the general theory of relativity and, more broadly, in fundamental physics. For a partial list of my scientific papers, click here.  In an attempt to minimize spam, I have removed my email address

from this web page, but if you wish to contact me it's easy enough: try the standard 1 + 7 address at Princeton University, where I am currently lecturing, or search the online directory there.


Apart from my scientific work, I also write. Click on the cover below for a look at my various books, which include fiction, popular science and mathematics.


For more on my biography, professional work, scientific background, unfinished projects etc., click here.




Firebird, a novel about nuclear fusion, available from AuthorHouse and Amazon.



Links to articles on: Galois, Einstein, Hedy Lamarr, photos of original geodesic dome, blogs and more







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Excerpt from my novel about the Great Siege of Malta, 1565








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An original solution to Hotta's circle problem (problem 5 chapter 6) in Sacred Mathematics by my grad student Suerfu. His solution is similar to the traditional solution we present in the book.


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