Physics Opportunities at a Neutrino Factory

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5/7/03, H. Sugawara et al., Destruction of Nuclear Bombs Using Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Beam.
Neutrinos in the popular press
Analyses and Models
Data and Experiments
Accelerator Physics

7/27/00, D. Whitehouse, Science finds particle perfection, BBC News.
7/21/00, J. Glanz, Scientists Detect Elusive Building Blocks of Matter, NY Times.
7/20/00, D. Whitehouse, Neutrinos fired through Earth's crust, BBC News.
6/22/00, D. Whitehouse, Deep focus on neutrino mystery, BBC News.
4/27/00, C. Macilwain, Budget Crises Forces Hard Choices on US High Energy Physics, Nature, Vol. 404, p. 909, Apr. 27, 2000. Includes a cartoon about neutrino factories.
9/14/99, D. Carrington, New sub-sea telescope looks down, BBC News.
6/22/99, M.W. Browne, Physicists Zero In on Ghostly Neutrinos, NY Times.
6/5/98, D. Whitehouse, Ghostly particles rule the universe, BBC News.
4/30/98, D. Whitehouse, Getting to the heart of the matter, BBC News.

The following are in order of appearance, most recent first:
Analyses and Models

9/8/00, R. Foot, Is the nu_mu -> nu_s oscillation solution to the atmospheric neutrino anomaly excluded by the SuperKamiokande data?.
9/7/00, H. Nunokawa, Status of the solutions to neutrino anomalies based on non-standard neutrino interactions.
9/7/00, H. Minakata, H. Nunokawa, Measuring CP violation by low-energy medium-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.
9/7/00, N.N. Singh, Understanding the linear see-saw neutrino mass relations and large mixing angle MSW solution.
9/7/00, A.D. Dolgov, S.H. Hansen, Massive sterile neutrinos as warm Dark Matter.
9/7/00, M. Matsuda, T. Matsuoka, Large lepton flavor mixings in SU(6) x SU(2)_R model.
9/7/00, Riazuddin, Off-diagonal structure of neutrino mass matrix in see-saw mechanism and electron-muon-tau lepton universality.
9/6/00, M. Hirsch, J.W.F. Valle, Reconciling neutrino anomalies in a simple four-neutrino scheme with R-parity violation.
9/5/00, M.-C. Chen, K.T. Mahanthappa, Neutrino Mixing from the CKM matrix in SUSY SO(10) x U(2)_{F}.
9/5/00, J.N. Bahcall, Astrophysical neutrinos: 20th Century and Beyond.
9/5/00, S. Nakamura, T. Sato, V. Gudkov, K. Kubodera, Neutrino Reactions on Deuteron.
9/4/00, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Peña-Garay, Global and Unified Analysis of Solar Neutrino Data.
9/4/00, R. Ehrlich, Neutrino Mass^2 Inferred from the Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Tritium Beta Decay.
9/3/00, I.F.M. Albuquerque, L. Hui, E.W. Kolb, High Energy Neutrinos From Superheavy Dark Matter Annihilation.
8/31/00, J. Ellis, Summary of Neutrino 2000.
8/31/00, A. Pérez-Lorenzana, Theories in More than Four Dimensions.
8/31/00, C.S. Aulakh, Supersymmetric Unification at the Millenium.
8/31/00, R.N. Mohapatra, Origin of neutrino masses and mixings.
8/31/00, C. Albright et al., Physics at a Neutrino Factory.
8/25/00, J. Poirier, The South Atlantic Magnetic Field Anomaly and Its Effect on the Calculated Production of Atmospheric Neutrinos.
8/29/00, D.V. Ahluwalia, Y. Liu, I. Stancu, Super-Kamiokande as a probe of CP Violation.
8/26/00, P.H. Frampton, Economic Model for Neutrino Masses and Mixings.
8/26/00, J.M. Williams, Asymmetric Collision of Concepts: Why Eigenstates Alone are Not Enough for Neutrino Flavor Oscillations.
8/25/00, R. Kitano, Y. Mimura, Large Angle MSW Solution in Grand Unified Theories with SU(3) X U(1) Horizontal Symmetry.
8/25/00, J. Poirier, Corrections to the Predicitions for Atmospheric Neutrino Observations.
8/24/00, P. Di Bari, R. Foot, Active-Sterile neutrino oscillations and BBN+CMBR constraints.
8/24/00, O. Yasuda, Four neutrino oscillation analysis of atmospheric neutrino data and application to long baseline experiments.
8/22/00, F.M.L. Almeida Jr., Y. A. Coutinho, J. A. Martins Simoes, M.A.B. do Vale, Single neutral heavy lepton production at electron-muon colliders.
8/21/00, B. Richter, Conventional Beams or Neutrino Factories: The Next Generation of Accelerator-Based Neutrino Experiments.
8/18/00, G.C. McLaughlin, Active-Sterile Neutrino Transformation and r-Process Nucleosynthesis.
8/18/00, G.C. McLaughlin, J.N. Ng, Neutrinos in Extra Dimensions and the Anomalous Magnetic Moments of Leptons.
8/18/00, C.S. Lam, Consequences of a Z_2 Symmetry for Neutrino Oscillation.
8/18/00, S. Pakvasa, Testing Neutrino Properties at Long Baseline Experiments and Neutrino Factories.
8/17/00, W. Grimus, L. Lavoura, The seesaw mechanism at arbitrary order: disentangling the small scale from the large scale.
8/17/00, N.F. Bell, R.R. Volkas, Bottom-up model for maximal nu_mu - nu_tau mixing.
8/17/00, A.D. Dolgov, S.H. Hansen, G. Raffelt, D.V. Semikoz, Heavy sterile neutrinos: Bounds from big-bang nucleosynthesis and SN 1987A.
8/16/00, K.S. Babu, T. Yanagida, Natural Mass Generation for the Sterile Neutrino.
8/15/00, R.N. Mohapatra, A. Perez-Lorenzana, C.A. de S. Pires, Neutrino mass, bulk majoron and neutrinoless double beta decay.
8/15/00, S. Geer, Neutrino Factories: Physics.
8/15/00, K.R. Dienes, I. Sarcevic, Neutrino Flavor Oscillations without Flavor Mixing Angles.
8/14/00, E.Kh. Akhmedov, Floquet theory of neutrino oscillations in the earth.
8/14/00, Y. Koide, A. Ghosal, Bimaximal Neutrino Mixing in a Zee-type Model with Badly Broken Flavor Symmetry.
8/10/00, M. Tanimoto, Solar Neutrino Solutions in Non-Abelian Flavor Symmetry.
8/10/00, T.L. Yoon, R. Foot, Maximal nu_mu - nu_tau oscillations, the see-saw mechanism and the Exact Parity Model.
8/9/00, K. Zuber, Effective Majorana neutrino masses.
8/9/00, W. Alles, L. Frassinetti, The see-saw mechanism and heavy Majorana neutrino masses in an SO(10) model.
8/7/00, J. Sato, Neutrino Oscillation and CP Violation.
8/7/00, W. Rodejohann, On Cancellations in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay.
8/7/00, J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra, G.C. Branco, Unitarity triangles and geometrical description of CP violation with Majorana neutrinos.
8/5/00, E. Ma, Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis from R Parity Violation.
8/5/00, A. Lukas, P. Ramond, A. Romanino, G.G. Ross, Solar neutrino oscillation from large extra dimensions.
8/5/00, A. Lukas, P. Ramond, A. Romanino, G.G. Ross, Solar neutrino oscillation from large extra dimensions.
8/3/00, V. Ammosov, G. Volkov, Can Neutrinos Probe Extra Dimensions?.
8/3/00, K. Kimura, A. Takamura, Schematic Method for Estimation of CP Asymmetry in Neutrino Oscillation.
8/2/00, L. Lavoura, W. Grimus, Seesaw model with softly broken L_e - L_mu - L_tau.
8/2/00, V. Barger, B. Kayser, J. Learned, T. Weiler, K. Whisnant, Fate of the Sterile Neutrino.
8/2/00, K. Dick, M. Freund, P. Huber, M. Lindner, A Comparison of the Physics Potential of Future Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments.
8/1/00, C.H. Albright, Overview of Grand Unified Models and Their Predictions for Neutrino Oscillations.
8/1/00, G.L. Fogli, E. Lisi, D. Montanino, A. Palazzo, Day-night asymmetry of high and low energy solar neutrino events in Super-Kamiokande and in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
8/1/00, E.Kh. Akhmedov, G.C. Branco, F.R. Joaquim, J.I. Silva-Marcos, Neutrino masses and mixing with seesaw mechanism and universal breaking of extended democracy.
8/1/00, S.F. King, N.N. Singh, Inverted Hierarchy Models of Neutrino Masses.
7/31/00, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Peña-Garay, Y. Nir, A.Yu. Smirnov, Phenomenology of Maximal and Near-Maximal Lepton Mixing.
7/29/00, J.M. Mira, E. Nardi, D.A. Restrepo, J.W.F. Valle, Bilinear R-parity Violation and Small Neutrino Masses: a Self-consistent Framework.
7/28/00, A.S. Joshipura, S.D. Rindani, Phenomenology of Pseudo Dirac Neutrinos.
7/28/00, T. Moroi, CP violation in B_d -> phi K_S in SUSY GUT with right-handed neutrinos.
7/26/00, A. Donini, M.B. Gavela, P. Hernandez, S. Rigolin, Update on four-family neutrino oscillations at Neutrino Factory.
7/26/00, A. Cervera et al., Summary of Golden Measurements at a nu-Factory.
7/24/00, A.M. Gago, H. Nunokawa, R. Zukanovich Funchal, Three Generation Long-wavelength Vacuum Oscillation Solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem.
7/24/00, L.B. Okun, I.S. Tsukerman, Comment on Equal Velocity Assumption for Neutrino Oscillations.
7/24/00, W. Krolikowski, Two-mixing texture for three active neutrinos.
7/24/00, G. Altarelli, F. Feruglio, I. Masina, From Minimal to Realistic Supersymmetric SU(5) Grand Unification.
7/24/00, N.Haba, T. Suzuki, Comment on "Linking solar and long baseline terrestrial neutrino experiments".
7/21/00, K.Matsuda, N.Takeda, T.Fukuyama, H.Nishiura, Graphical Representation of CP Violation Effects in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay.
7/21/00, T.S. Sinegovskaya, S.I. Sinegovsky, Prompt muon contribution to the flux underwater.
7/20/00, C. Giunti, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Pena-Garay, Four-neutrino oscillations and the solar neutrino problem.
7/17/00, V. Barger, S. Geer, R. Raja, K. Whisnant, Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillations at a Neutrino Factory.
7/17/00, W. Buchmüller, M. Plümacher, Neutrino masses and the baryon asymmetry.
7/15/00, J. Ellis, Perspectives in High-Energy Physics.
7/14/00, M.V. Garzelli, C. Giunti, A frequentist analysis of solar neutrino data.
7/13/00, C.H. Albright, S.M. Barr, Explicit SO(10) Supersymmetric Grand Unified Model.
7/13/00, Z.-z. Xing, Neutrino Mixing and CP Violation in Matter.
7/13/00, G.L. Fitzpatrick, Topological Constraints on Long-Distance Neutrino Mixtures.
7/8/00, O. Yasuda, Analysis of the Superkamiokande atmospheric neutrino data in the framework of four neutrino mixings.
7/7/00, T. Miura, E. Takasugi, M. Yoshimura, Quantum effects for the neutrino mixing matrix in the democratic-type model.
7/5/00, A. Abada, M. Losada, Constraints on both bilinear and trilinear R-parity violating couplings from neutrino laboratories and astrophysics data.
7/3/00, F. Borzumati, Y. Nomura, Low-Scale See-Saw Mechanisms for Light Neutrinos.
7/3/00, A. Abada, G. Bhattacharyya, Can R-parity violation explain the LSND data as well?.
7/3/00, W. Grimus, L. Lavoura, A neutrino mass matrix with seesaw mechanism and two-loop mass splitting.
7/1/00, N. Arkani-Hamed, L. Hall, H. Murayama, D.Smith, N. Weiner, Neutrino Masses at v^{3/2}.
5/11/00, H. Athar, M. Jezabek, O. Yasuda, Effects of neutrino mixing on high-energy cosmic neutrino flux.
5/10/00, A. Ghosal, A Two Parameter Texture of Nearly Bi-maximal Neutrino Mixing.
5/10/00, S. Lola, Renormalisation effects of neutrino masses and interactions.
5/10/00, A. Grandpierre, New type astrophysical solution to the solar neutrino problems and its predicitons to the SNO.
5/9/00, S. Geer, H. Schellman eds., Physics at a Neutrino Factory.
5/9/00, S. Davidson, M. Losada, Neutrino masses in the R-parity violating MSSM.
5/9/00, A.B. Balantekin, Unitarity Constraints on Neutrino Mass and Mixings.
5/9/00, N. Haba, Y. Matsui, N. Okamura, The effects of Majorana phases in three-generation neutrinos.
5/8/00, J.C. Montero, V. Pleitez, MSW effect with flavor changing interactions and the atmospheric neutrino problem.
5/8/00, O. Haug, A. Faessler, J.D. Vergados, Can LSND be included in a 3-Neutrino framework?.
5/5/00, C.E.C. Lima, H.M. Portella, Constraints on Vacuum Oscillations from Recent Solar Neutrino Data.
5/4/00, B.J. King, Mighty MURINEs: Neutrino Physics at Very High Energy Muon Colliders.
5/1/00, S. Hannestad, New constraints on neutrino physics from Boomerang data.
5/1/00, A. Para, Neutrino Oscillations Experiments at Fermilab.
5/1/00, V. Barger, Overview of Neutrino Oscillation Physics.
5/1/00, S. Midorikawa, The Effect of a Small Mixing Angle in the Atmospheric Neutrinos.
4/30/00, A. Bueno, M. Campanelli, A. Rubbia, Physics potential at a neutrino factory: can we benefit from more than just detecting muons?.
4/28/00, W.C. Haxton, Neutrino Oscillations and the Solar Neutrino Problem.
4/27/00, H. Minakata, Answering the Sphinx's Questions on Neutrinos.
4/27/00, H.B. Nielsen, Y.Takanishi, Neutrino mass matrix suppression by Abelian charges with see-saw mechanism.
4/25/00, E. Nezri, J. Orloff, Neutrino Oscillations vs. Leptogenesis in SO(10) Models.
4/25/00, W. Krolikowski, Two sterile neutrinos as a consequence of matter structure.
4/25/00, J.-M. Levy, Exercices with the neutrino oscillation length.
4/21/00, V. Barger, S. Geer, R. Raja, K. Whisnant, Determination of the pattern of neutrino masses at a Neutrino Factory.
4/21/00, M. Narayan, S.U. Sankar, Matter effects for `just so' oscillations.
4/20/00, R. Adhikari, E. Ma, G. Rajasekaran, Three Inequivalent Mass-Degenerate Majorana Neutrinos and a Model of Their Splitting for Neutrino Oscillations.
4/20/00, S. Choubey, S. Goswami, D. Majumdar, Status of the neutrino decay solution to the solar neutrino problem.
4/17/00, G.C. Branco, M.N. Rebelo, J.I. Silva-Marcos, Mixing and CP violation with Quasidegenerate Majorana Neutrinos.
4/17/00, J.A. Casas, J.R. Espinosa, A. Ibarra, I. Navarro, Neutrinos and Gauge Unification.
4/17/00, J T. Peltoniemi, V. Sipilainen, Neutrino propagation in matter using the wave packet approach.
4/17/00, G. Barenboim, F. Scheck, Tau neutrinos from muon storage rings.
4/17/00, S.A. Fayans, L.A. Mikaelyan, V.V. Sinev, Weak and Magnetic Inelastic Scattering of Antineutrinos on Atomic Electrons.
4/17/00, G. Rajasekaran, Phenomenology of Neutrino Oscillations.
4/17/00, D.B. Cline, The Scientific Need for a Scalar/Higgs Factory.
4/16/00, M. Maris, S.T. Petcov, The Super - Kamiokande Day - Night Effect Data and the MSW Solutions of the Solar Neutrino Problem.
4/16/00, M. Maris, S.T. Petcov, Day - Night Effect Predictions for the SNO Detector.
4/13/00, A. Lukas, A. Romanino, A Brane-World Explanation of the KARMEN Anomaly.
4/13/00, K.R. Dienes, New Directions for New Dimensions: From Strings to Neutrinos to Axions to....
4/13/00, H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H. Pas, U. Sarkar, Effects of quantum space time foam in the neutrino sector.
4/12/00, K.S. Babu, S.M. Barr, A mass relation for neutrinos.
4/12/00, M. Hirsch, M. A. Diaz, W. Porod, J. C. Romao, J.W.F. Valle, Neutrino Masses and Mixings from Supersymmetry with Bilinear R--Parity Violation: A Theory for Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations.
4/12/00, H. Minakata, H. Nunokawa, Measuring Leptonic CP Violation by Low Energy Neutrino Oscillation Experiments.
4/11/00, D.L. Khokhlov, Neutrino-antineutrino transition under CP-transformation and solar neutrino puzzle.
4/11/00, D. Black, A. H. Fariborz, S. Nasri, J. Schechter, Complementary Ansatz for the neutrino mass matrix.
4/11/00, S. Choubey, S. Goswami, K. Kar, A three generation oscillation analysis of the Super-Kamiokande atmospheric neutrino data beyond one mass scale dominance approximation.
4/11/00, S. Pakvasa, Do Neutrinos Decay?.
4/10/00, G.-H. Wu, Hierarchical Majorana Scales in the Seesaw Model.
4/9/00, M. Freund, P. Huber, M. Lindner, Extracting Matter Effects, Masses and Mixings at a Neutrino Factory.
4/7/00, P.M. Fishbane, Neutrino oscillations in structured matter.
4/7/00, J. Hisano, D. Nomura, Neutrino Oscillation and Charged Lepton-Flavor Violation in the Supersymmetric Standard Models.
4/6/00, S. Bergmann, M.M. Guzzo, P.C. de Holanda, P.I. Krastev, H. Nunokawa, Status of the solution to the solar neutrino problem based on non-standard neutrino interactions.
4/6/00, S. Bergmann, H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H. Pas, Lepton number violating interactions and their effects on neutrino oscillation experiments.
4/5/00, Y. Liu, U. Sarkar, About the Mixing and CP Violation in Neutrino System.
4/4/00, A.D. Dolgov, Neutrino Oscillations and Cosmology.
4/4/00, S.K. Kang, C.S. Kim, J.D. Kim, Neutrino Masses and Leptonic CP Violation.
3/31/00, P.Q. Hung, A Model of Quark and Lepton Masses I: The Neutrino Sector.
3/30/00, J. Bernabeu, M.C. Banuls, CP and T violation in neutrino oscillations.
3/29/00, J.C. Montero, C.A. de S. Pires, V. Pleitez, Neutrinoless double beta decay with and without Majoron-like boson emission in a 3-3-1 model.
2/10/00, A. Cervera et al., Golden measurements at a neutrino factory.
2/8/00, C.N. Leung, Neutrino Tests of General and Special Relativity.
2/7/00, A. de Gouvea, A. Friedland, H. Murayama, The Dark Side of the Solar Neutrino Parameter Space.
2/6/00, A. Friedland, MSW Effects in Vacuum Oscillations.
2/4/00, E. Lisi, A. Marrone, D. Montanino, Probing quantum gravity effects in atmospheric neutrino oscillations.
2/3/00, F. Wilczek, Radical Conservatism And Nucleon Decay.
2/3/00, A. Aranda, C.D. Carone, R.F. Lebed, Maximal Neutrino Mixing from a Minimal Flavor Symmetry.
2/2/00, P. Di Bari, Active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early Universe and the atmospheric neutrino anomaly.
2/2/00, W.M. Alberico, J. Bernabeu, S.M. Bilenky, W. Grimus, Is it possible to determine the S-factor of the hep process from a laboratory experiment?.
2/2/00, E. Nardi, Effects of a general set of interactions on neutrino propagation in matter.
2/2/00, F.M.L. Almeida, jr., Y.A. Coutinho, J.A. Martins Simoes, M A.B. do Vale, On a signature for heavy Majorana neutrinos in hadronic collisions.
2/2/00, O. Lalakulich, E.A. Paschos, M. Flanz, Leptogenesis with "Fuzzy Mass Shell" for Majorana Neutrinos.
2/1/00, R.R. Volkas, Mirror Neutrinos and the Early Universe.
1/31/00, E.Kh. Akhmedov, Neutrino physics.
1/30/00, J.D. Lykken, Physics Needs for Future Accelerators.
1/30/00, S.M. Bilenky, Neutrino masses, mixing and oscillations.
1/29/00, K.R.S. Balaji, A.S. Dighe , R.N. Mohapatra, M.K. Parida, Generation of large flavor mixing from radiative corrections.
1/29/00, M. Tanimoto, Large Mixing Angle MSW Solution in S_3 Flavor Symmetry.
1/29/00, E.J. Chun, S.K. Kang, Baryogenesis and Degenerate Neutrinos.
1/27/00, J. Boger, R.L. Hahn, J.B. Cumming, Do statistically significant correlations exist between the Homestake solar neutrino data and sunspots?.
1/25/00, W.M. Alberico, S.M. Bilenky, W. Grimus, On a possibility to determine the S-factor of the hep process in experiments with thermal (cold) neutrons.
1/24/00, E. Ma, How Neutrinos Get Mass and What Other Things May Happen Besides Oscillations.
1/24/00, E.J. Chun, R-parity Violation and Neutrino Masses.
1/24/00, A. De Rujula, M.B. Gavela, P. Hernandez, The atmospheric neutrino anomaly without maximal mixing?.
1/20/00, G.Barenboim, F.Scheck, CP Violation with Three Oscillating Neutrino Flavours.
1/19/00, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Peña-Garay, Neutrino Masses and Mixing one Decade from Now.
1/18/00, E. Ma, Models of Neutrino Mass and Mixing.
1/13/00, A.M. Gago, H. Nunokawa, R. Zukanovich Funchal, The Solar Neutrino Problem in the Light of a Violation of the Equivalence Principle.
1/13/00, N. Fornengo, Standard and exotic interpretations of the atmospheric neutrino data.
1/13/00, C. Giunti, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Peña-Garay, Four-Neutrino Oscillation Solutions of the Solar Neutrino Problem.
1/11/00, K. Bhattacharya, P.B. Pal, Neutrino scattering in strong magnetic fields.
1/10/00, H. Athar, J.F. Nieves, Matter effects on neutrino oscillations in gravitational and magnetic fields.
1/6/00, S.M. Barr, C. Albright, SO(10) and Large nu_mu - nu_tau Mixing.
1/5/00, E.Kh. Akhmedov, Seesaw mechanism and the neutrino mass matrix.
1/5/00 (6/8/81), P. Ramond, The Case for Neutrino Oscillations.
1/5/00, P. Jain, D.W. McKay, S. Panda, J.P. Ralston, Extra dimensions and Strong Neutrino-Nucleon interactions above $10^{19}$ eV : Breaking the GZK Barrier.
1/4/00, T.K. Gaisser, Atmospheric Neutrino Flux: A Review of Calculations.
1/4/00, G. Altarelli, Neutrino Masses and Grand Unification.
1/4/00, W. Krolikowski, A four--neutrino texture implying bimaximal flavor mixing.
1/3/00, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, C. Peña-Garay, Status of the MSW Solutions to the Solar Neutrino Problem.
1/2/00, P. Ramond, From Neutrino Masses to Proton Decay.
1/2/00, P. Ramond, Neutrinos: Heralds of New Physics.
1/2/00, P. Ramond, Neutrino Masses and Lepton-Quark Symmetries.
12/29/99, R.D. Peccei, Particle Physics I: The SM and the MSSM.
12/29/99, P. Osland, T.T. Wu, Solar Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein Effect with Three Generations of Neutrinos.
12/29/99, Kh.M. Beshtoev, Impossible Realization of Neutrino Resonance Oscillations Enhancement in Matter.
12/28/99, E.J. Chun, S.K. Kang, Radiative Splitting of Three Degenerate Neutrinos.
12/27/99, Y. Sakamura, Spontaneous CP violation model with flavor symmetry in large extra dimensions.
12/27/99, A. Lavagno, P. Quarati, Nonextensive statistics in stellar plasma and solar neutrinos.
12/26/99, K. Cahill, B-L Neutrinos.
12/23/99, S.F. King, Large Mixing Angle MSW and Atmospheric Neutrinos from Single Right-Handed Neutrino Dominance and U(1) Family Symmetry.
12/23/99, D. Falcone, Heavy neutrino mass scale and quark-lepton symmetry.
12/22/99, T. Blazek, S. Raby, K. Tobe, Neutrino Oscillations in an SO(10) SUSY GUT with U(2)xU(1)^n Family Symmetry.
12/22/99, M. Freund, M. Lindner, S.T. Petcov, A. Romanino, Testing Matter Effects in Very Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments.
12/21/99, P.F. Harrison, W.G. Scott, CP and T Violation in Neutrino Oscillations and Invariance of Jarlskog's Determinant to Matter Effects.
12/20/99, C. Giunti, Neutrino oscillations and neutrinoless double-beta decay.
12/20/99, A. Husain, High Energy Cosmic Tau Neutrinos.
12/20/99, K. Cahill, Neutrinos Are Nearly Dirac Fermions.
12/18/99, A.S. Dighe, Resolving ambiguities in the neutrino mass-flavour spectrum from supernova neutrinos.
12/17/99, Y. Grossman, M. Neubert, Neutrino masses and mixings in non-factorizable geometry.
12/17/99, G.G. Raffelt, W. Rodejohann, Massive Neutrinos in Astrophysics.
12/17/99, T.E. Liolios, Non-linear screening corrections of stellar nuclear reaction rates and their effects on solar neutrino fluxes.
12/16/99, D. Chang, A. Zee, Radiatively Induced Neutrino Majorana Masses and Oscillation.
12/15/99, T.K. Kuo, G.-H. Wu, S.W. Mansour, Mass Hierarchies and the Seesaw Neutrino Mixing.
12/15/99, J. Lesgourgues, S. Pastor, S. Prunet, Cosmological measurement of neutrino mass in the presence of leptonic asymmetry.
12/10/99, T. Ohlsson, H. Snellman, Neutrino oscillations with three flavors in matter: Applications to neutrinos traversing the Earth.
12/10/99, G. Altarelli, The crucial problem: the electroweak symmetry breaking.
12/9/99, A. Ibarra, I. Navarro, Impact of radiative corrections on sterile neutrino scenarios.
12/9/99, G.F. Giudice, Recent Developments in Physics Beyond the Standard Model.
12/9/99, M.S. Turner, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Fundamental Physics.
12/8/99, D. Chang, O.C.W. Kong, Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos.
12/5/99, L. Bento, P. Keränen, J. Maalampi, Neutrino mixing scenarios and AGN.
12/4/99, K. Cheung, O.C.W. Kong, Zee Neutrino Mass Model in SUSY Framework.
12/3/99, G.L. Fogli, E. Lisi, D. Montanino, A. Palazzo, Three-flavor MSW solutions of the solar neutrino problem.
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4/18/00, D.B. Cline, Y. Fukui, A. Garren, A Neutrino-Factory Muon Storage Ring to Provide Beams for Multiple Detectors Around the World.
10/19/99, R.B. Palmer, C.D. Johnson, E. Keil, A Cost Effective Design for a Neutrino Factory.
9/14/99, R.B. Palmer, Draft Parameters of a Neutrino Factory.
8/25/99, A. Blondel, Muon polarisation in the neutrino factory.


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