endless universe
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Animated Cover Image:
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The cover image for Endless Universe is a "double-Klein bottle" decorated with images representing a big bang and cosmic evolution in each "bulb." The Klein bottle is a hypothetical surface whose inside connects to its outside and back to its inside again. (If you are familiar with the Moebius strip, in which a strip of paper is twisted and reconnected to itself so that one side connects to the other and back again, then the Klein bottle is a generalization to a higher dimension.) In the cover image, two Klein bottles interconnect with one another. This gives the appearance of an hour-glass, remind us that the nature of time is a central aspect of the cyclic universe. From certain vantage points, the thin arms of the double-Klein bottle form the symbol for infinity, reminding us that the cycles may continue forever. The animation (by Stewart Dickson) provides a tour of this fascinating object.